Super Bowl XLII open thread: The Giants shock the world; video added

19-0 or 18-1? Will Manning the Lesser avenge his brother? Will the Patriots complete the first perfect season in a generation? Will any of the commercials live up to the hype? Could I ask any more annoying questions?

Yeah, but I’ll stop. Have fun, enjoy the game, etc etc.

Update (AP): If you’re looking for the ads, they should be available on YouTube either during or immediately after the game. Keep your eye on YT’s front page and their AdBlitz channel.

In the meantime, something to help you prepare mentally for the game.

Update: The end zone pass to Burress goes down as the game winner, but this is the play that saved the game and may make the Eli Manning legend. It was 3rd and 5, 1:15 to go and the Giants down by 4 on their own 43. The Patriot D blitzes and catches Manning in the backfield, but he slips out of the Patriots’ grip to haul a shot down the field to David Tyree. Tyree makes a miracle catch, the Giants get the first down and go on to win.