Audio: Mitt Romney conference call

I linked up to a New Media conference call with Mitt Romney earlier today. It was his first as far as I know. The governor discussed the status of the race, making a good point that the GOP and Democrat races are in similar circumstances right now, with establishment front-runners who haven’t wrapped up there nominations yet, but the press is playing them very differently by casting the GOP race as all but over while casting the Dem race as up for grabs.

He also made an interesting point about the similarity to this year’s GOP race and the Republican race in 1976 (though Romney went out of his way not to claim to be Ronald Reagan reincarnate). He also highlighted the endorsements he has won from National Review, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and several conservative bloggers as evidence that conservatives are coming his way.

Captain Ed was on the call, and has a good summary. Jim Geraghty was as well and has highlights. Here’s a recording of the call. It starts with Gov. Romney’s opening remarks and includes all of the blogger Q&A.

I was too slow on the touchtone draw to get a question in, unfortunately. I would either have asked about McCain’s “led for patriotism, not for profit” line or about Juan Hernandez’s presence in the McCain campaign and what that says about McCain’s attention to border security. The Romney camp has picked up Kris Kobach as its immigration adviser. Kobach is the opposite of Juan Hernandez. If personnel is policy, and it is, Kobach is a very good pickup for the Romney campaign.