Audio: Laura Ingraham slams McCain on the Wisconsin Right to Life case

Let’s just say that Laura Ingraham and Michael Medved don’t see eye to eye on John McCain’s claim to be a conservative. Laura tees off on a topic that NRO’s Andrew McCarthy hit the other day: McCain’s siding against a pro-life group on a campaign speech issue. It was Wisconsin Right to Life, taking on McCain-Feingold. McCain claims a solid pro-life record, but when push came to shove he opted to use his anti-free speech law to muzzle a pro-life group. McCain also claims he’ll appoint conservative judges, but–

[T]he blunt fact is that such judges would be innately hostile to the “living constitution” — meaning they would be suspicious not only of Roe v. Wade but of schemes like campaign finance reform, a signature McCain issue. It is not for nothing that Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito were in the majority ruling against McCain’s side in the Wisconsin Right to Life case last term.

McCain went 0-3 in that one case, against freedom of speech, against right to life and against the two conservatives President Bush has appointed to the SCOTUS. McCain didn’t have to file an amicus brief in this case. He chose to, making himself a partisan in it. This is a conservative?

The problem with McCain goes deeper than what he says about taxes and what he says today about immigration that contradicts what he said days or weeks ago. It’s about the battles McCain chooses to fight and the enemies he chooses to make. McCain consistently chooses the wrong battles and makes enemies out of the very people he now expects to carry him to the White House.

(h/t Laura Ingraham)