Huck hucks up again, says he would ban pretty much all political speech unless it's kid tested and candidate approved

Well, no wonder the Huckabee people like McCain so much. When it comes to free speech, they’re both agin’ it.

I personally wish that all of this was outlawed. I think that every candidates should speak for themselves, and that every thing that involves the candidate’s name or another candidate’s name should be authorized and approved by that candidate, otherwise it shouldn’t be spoken….

The point is that candidates can’t force these special interest 527 groups to stop. I wish we could.

The “this” that Huckabee wishes was outlawed is push polling, but he takes the riff much farther than that with the “every thing that involves a candidate’s name…should be approved by the candidate” line. It doesn’t take a Constitutional scholar to see that that would mean the end of the First Amendment, at least in a political context. But since we’re on the McCain-Feingold free speech slip n slide, we might as well just get a good run and dive in head first. At least that’s what Huck seems to think.

But don’t worry. By tomorrow he’ll have signed a pledge promising to protect the First Amendment as his bff. Because he’s tough. And smart. And not winging his entire frakkin campaign at all.