Plot to bomb the Eiffel Tower uncovered?

Matt Sanchez sends a link to this story in Le Monde. Google translates it as follows:

Les services de la direction de la Surveillance du Territoire (DST) are trying to identify the perpetrators of a message received disturbing, Thursday, January 10, by the controllers of the Civil Aviation Portuguese. It is a conversation intercepted at dawn on shortwave reports of terrorist threats in Paris. The protagonists of this exchange, “vague and confusing” according to a police source, referring to an attack on the Eiffel Tower. Soon, the Portuguese authorities have alerted their counterparts french, which is now trying to find the transmitter.

This new message is not “panic” – in the words of a police officer – the services of french counter-intelligence. But it is combined with other threats made in recent days on the websites jihadists, which call for the “brothers Striking Paris.”

The safety device implemented in the capital over the past several months has not been strengthened. “That was not helpful, because we Vigipirate red for several months, said the prefecture of police. Is the level higher before the scarlet alert, which is implemented when there are attacks. ”

On the Internet, the forums Islamists, illegal or not, multiply antifrançaises diatribes. A message was broadcast on January 3 in Arabic, plans to “put an end to the continuing ambitions of President Sarkozy in the Maghreb countries” and cause “a collapse of the French economy at the international level”.

Something to keep an eye on. I suppose some people will react more to the fact that the French are intercepting terrorist communications than to the plot that that the interception uncovered. We wouldn’t want to violate the terrorists’ civil rights, after all.