Audio: Laura Ingraham interviews Fox's Major Garrett

The sequence begins with the voice of Keith Olbermann, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s just Laura’s crack production team setting up the Garrett interview with Olbermann’s lying lies. And that’s an excellent springboard for Garrett to start off by making the very reasonable claim that Olbermann doesn’t know anything about journalism. That’s something that Olbermann proves on their air, night in and night out, and has proven for years.

Stick around for Garrett’s assessment of the race. I don’t think it’s any secret that I lean toward Romney and Thompson as my preferred candidates right now on the GOP side, though only Paul is completely unacceptable to me. Garrett’s read on the state of the Romney campaign after New Hampshire is sobering, to say the least.

The interview continues in the second segment.

I don’t think any of the top five candidacies are dead yet, though McCain seems to have the inside track right now. And true to form, he may have fallout from a new betrayal to deal with. If the Politico can be believed, anyway. Things aren’t exactly peachy in the Giuliani campaign, either.