Granite fault lines Update: Tears of a Clinton

Well, it’ll be entertaining watching pundits and pollsters do backflips trying to explain what happened in New Hampshire last night. Allah already linked to Kaus’ four theories. Kaus links to Mark Halperin, who has a whole bunch of theories up. Head over to Memeorandum and you’ll see a whole lot more theories. There will be no shortage of theories over the next couple of days, at least until the South Carolina GOP debate. Which is tomorrow.

As for me, I guess I need to recalibrate my Clinton Reactor. I never buy their act, never have, and even remember having a visceral reaction to Bill Clinton the first time I saw him on TV. He struck me as a cross between a snake oil salesman and a class president wannabe at the time, and over the years my opinion of him only went south from there. But clearly, there’s a huge chunk of the country that doesn’t see him that way and when he bites his lip, their hearts bleed.

Expect to see more of that lip-biting, emoting stuff. He has already deployed emoting since the win in New Hampshire. Heck, this time around the emotion might even be real. There I go again.


Maguire says the press will go into self-recrimination mode now since it got New Hampshire so wrong, and what this means in practical terms is much more skeptical coverage of Obama. Well, the pendulum was due for a swing in that direction after the press drooled all over the Messiah, and the New Hampshire results are as good a reason as any for the press to generate a little skepticism.

Update: I got a request to add this infamous clip of Bill Clinton fake crying at Ron Brown’s funeral. Rush’s play-by-play on it is priceless, and paired up with the clip above, well, let’s just say that Clinton’s emoting turns my heart right back into stone.