Video: Bill Clinton says Obamania is "the biggest fairly tale I've ever seen"

It’s official: The Clintons are going hard negative on Obama. Bill Clinton called out Obama on his voting record, on his rhetoric and experience today, and all on the heels of Hillary attempting to dent Obama’s comparisons of himself to MLK and JFK. I say “Good.” There are plenty of negatives to be made against Obama, and who better to make them than Fat Elvis? He’ll put downsides into the mainstream that will prove useful in the general and, should the SS Hillary sink or stay afloat, he’ll have cut the Clinton wing off from the Messiah’s wing of the party.

Plus, negative just isn’t a good look for the Clintonistas. The lip-bite act just doesn’t have the old mojo anymore.


The sweetest irony in all of this is two-fold. First, during the 1992 election Clinton himself got quite the pass from the press when he and his minions would go negative on Bush, and they got a pass for years when their spinmeisters would appear on the cable news shows and lie straight out for them. Now they’re on the flip side of media favoritism and they don’t know what to do with that, and they’re getting uglier in their frustration. Second, when all’s said and done the Clintons may be stuck with the dorky end of the Democrat party while Mr. Clean assumes the Fonzi position. For the gang who used to be the coolest kids in school, that’s going to hurt mightily.