Hillary Clinton wins the Granite State; Video: "I found my own voice"; Update: Big wins among women, registered Dems

It could still go the other way, though that’s unlikely now. But at this point, even if the race tightens further, and even if Obama ends up winning by a point or two, The Glacier cried, Obamania died…? That plus the new “Comeback Kid” meme could be the Democrat narrative now. She lost the women’s vote in Iowa, regained it New Hampshire, and the teary-eyed emoting on Monday, however fake it appeared to cynics like us, may have had a great deal to do with her finish. The Glacier became flesh. Second to that, maybe Fat Elvis helped her more than he hurt? I didn’t see that coming. Hardly anyone did.

Or did she just scare enough New Hampshire voters into giving her the gold?

But think of this. The Clinton campaign, earlier today in apparent disarray, is not dead. They’ll have the Carville circus coming back to town to do all their negative work (I won’t use the word Hillary used to describe it earlier Tuesday) so she and Bill will get to go back on the positive while their crew sets out to sabotage Obama. Edwards probably isn’t long for the campaign, so his supporters will go somewhere. The question is where?

The Democrats don’t have a solid front-runner. The Clinton machine will be divisive in their quest to knock off Obama. He’ll have to fight back in kind and he doesn’t have the army of spinners that the Clintons have.

Advantage Hillary? She did dominate among women voters, but Obama dominated among men and independents. The Democrats have a well-known but not much reported gender gap — as a party, they have big trouble attracting men. Hillary won’t help that in the general election; Obama might.

The big loser in all this: John McCain. Sure, he won New Hampshire. But he’s still behind in delegates (Romney leads) and is now robbed of much of the post-New Hampshire media chatter. No chatter, less momentum.

Update (AP): Ditto to what Bryan said. Conservative America is breathing a collective sigh of relief tonight.

Update: Indeed we are. Want some more good news? Well, this depends on who you support on the GOP side, but McCain’s lead over Romney is narrowing down to about 5 points. It’s not quite the thumping it was earlier tonight.

Update: CNN joins the others in calling it for Hillary, making it official.

Update: Obama’s concession was impressive. Now here’s Hillary with that…voice. She just made a joke about that voice, actually. Second sigh of relief. Now here comes Comeback Kid 2.0. I may be sick.

Update: Putting on my paranoid leftist hat for a sec, could the ballot shortages have had any effect on the outcome?

Update (AP): Now that it’s safe to hate her again, let me just say how nauseatingly touchy-feely and transparently aimed at women the line about finding “my own voice” here is. Good lord. As grating as Obama is smooth.

Update (AP): Not only did the Glacier walk away with women, she won by double digits among registered Dems. The squishy, post-partisan, transcendent charisma campaign may play well with independents but when policy push comes to policy shove, the NH base prefers Hillary.