Video: Huckabee says he sounds "like a prophet" on Pakistan

That’s not the only thing he says. In fact, he almost sounds like two different candidates at the same time. He simultaneously says “real Republicans” aren’t upset that he won in Iowa, when a lot of real Republicans are upset, and not because those Republicans don’t care about people who make less than $50k, and that he’s the real Reagan Republican. The Republicans who are upset are so because they want a candidate who is strong on foreign policy, and Huckabee just doesn’t project that strength (and secondarily, they want an economic conservative as opposed to an economic populist). He downplays that foreign policy weakness toward the end of the interview with one serious fact that I’ve mentioned vis a vis the Democrats — foreign policy experience just didn’t matter in the caucuses. We’re at war and it didn’t matter. It seems not to have mattered on the GOP side, too. It’s during that section that the “prophet” comment comes up. I think and hope that Huckabee can get stronger on foreign policy, but likening himself to Reagan on economics and tossing out the “prophet” line doesn’t send the “I’m ready to get studied up” vibe imho.

Negatives aside, listen to Huckabee’s three points about small business. It’s as conservative as anything he has said on economics. It’s quite good and easy to digest as a sound bite and put into a series of ads. It’s going to be unwise going forward for Huckabee’s opponents and their supporters to keep throwing out the “religious bigots” line against him. That’ll be the quickest way to divide the GOP and turn off voters who were recently being asked and often told that they would have to vote for Giuliani even though he doesn’t represent their issues well. Huckabee’s opponents are going to have to outflank him on issues and be more articulate in expressing them than he is.