Fox declares Barack Obama the winner on the Dem side Updates: Flag on the floor at Clinton HQ

Just across from Brit Hume. No word on the margin of victory yet.

Update (AP): NBC’s called it too. Don’t look now, but with about 75% reporting, Obama’s lead is five points and rising.

The Glacier headed for third? Stay tuned.

Update (AP): Let it be noted that Chris Dodd, nutroots darling, is at .03% with most of the votes counted.

Update: Dodd was on MSNBC earlier today and said that if he didn’t do well in Iowa he would be heading back to Hartford. Done, in other words.

Update: I’m no fan of Obama’s politics, but you have to hand it to him. Edwards has been campaigning in Iowa for months; Hillary is the inEVITAble frontrunner; Iowa is 95% white. But Obama, the first-term senator with no real record, beat them both. That’s historic. His win may be the biggest story of the night.

Update: A sharp eyed commenter saw this on Fox’s site. It’s from the Clinton HQ in Des Moines, prior to her rally, but still…


Update: Obama beat Clinton among women, 35-30. Wow.