Video: Mitt Romney on Fox

Former MA Gov. Mitt Romney appeared on Fox yesterday afternoon via satellite from Iowa for an interview with Brett Baer. Baer asks tough but fair questions, and Romney acquits himself well. If you doubt that, you’re not to be trusted as an analyst.

Romney is smart to play up the experience contrast between himself and Huckabee, as that’s an area where he holds a clear and obvious edge. But Bair brings up an area where Romney has shown vulnerability and which will dog him as long as he’s in the race, and that’s the area of truthfulness. By that I’m not referring to Romney’s issue position changes, which he was at least smart enough to get out of the way well before the primaries, so much as the “lifelong hunter” line and the “NRA endorsement” line and things like that. That’s Romney’s Achilles heel and it’s the reason his negs are high. To the latter Romney now has an answer that ends up putting him on the right side of 2nd Amendment issues, but to the former, there’s no good way to dress up what amounts to an exaggeration of his history. If you’re not a lifelong hunter, don’t say you are. This is the internet, and your posterior will be fact-checked.