Video: Inside the Ron Paul Blimp

Slate delivers a report from inside the campaign’s most bizarre gambit: The Ron Paul blimp which, as the video points out, isn’t actually affiliated with the Paul campaign itself. It’s just a cult-like hanger-on financed independently and therefore not in a way that’s subject to campaign finance law. CFR did such a good job of getting money out of politics.

The blimp asks “Who is Ron Paul?” He’s a candidate whose supporters celebrate terrorist Guy Fawkes, spam online polls, irritate the holy hello out of bloggers who point out their candidate’s obvious flaws, and who has become an empty vessel into which everyone from brothel owners to true libertarians to leftwing anti-American agitators and assorted isolationists have poured their own political hopes and dreams. Paul is where the paleo right and the anarcho left meet for drinks.

The reality is that Ron Paul is a pro-life libertarian who runs as a Republican hawk in his Texas district when it’s convenient but who blames America for pretty much every bad thing that happens in the world, who votes against pork even while writing it into federal budgets and who accepts donations he doesn’t need from the racists at Stormfront. But try telling that to his supporters and you’re met with a wall of noise.

More: And here’s another place where the paleo right seems to be having a meetup with elements of the left.