Video: Bro tased at the New Orleans city council meeting Updated

It’s nigh unto impossible to see the bro actually being tased, unfortunately, but a bro does stake a claim to having been tased.

The audio weirdness late in the clip seems to be a technical glitch in the station.

Here’s the back story on the fracas.

A city council meeting where the fate of several New Orleans housing developments was to be decided was delayed several times due to shouting matches and skirmishes that broke out inside of the chamber. The meeting began about an hour late with a long reading of rules to the public about how the council meeting was to proceed.

Security had to physically restrain several protesters and housing demonstrators complained that several people trying to get in the meeting were prevented from doing so.

Police used chemical spray and stun devices as dozens of protesters tried to force their way through an iron gate at City Hall.

Some people were arrested as officers tried to establish order and an ambulance arrived on the scene. It was unclear whether there were injuries or the ambulance was a precautionary measure.

According to the video, those who were ejected from the meeting weren’t residents themselves, but advocates for the residents. Probably of the self-appointed variety, acting on John Edwards’ call to be a voice for people who are otherwise right there and perfectly able to speak for themselves if they so choose. And the advocates may be representing an attitude that’s not helpful in still unreconstructed New Orleans. Or among its scattered former residents.

Nice TV. Mine’s about half that size.

Update: Laura at Pursuing Holiness has much, much more information and perspective on this. Here’s a money quote, but be sure and read the whole thing.

Those people are not going to support themselves until there is absolutely no other option, and possibly not even then. Part of the current political flap is the so called “right to return” for New Orleans “refugees.” The right to come back and be supported by taxpayers? There are jobs going to spare here. We’ve absorbed tens of thousands of illegal aliens and we still don’t have enough workers. People can return anytime they please, if they’re willing to pay their own way.

Barack Obama and John Edwards are on record as wanting to keep the moldy, lead-painted, asbestos-filled, high-crime slums that these protestors are fighting to keep open. Who’s really doing more to help poor people?