Video: Hillary unleashes the mother of all cackles on Fox & Friends

The Glacier broke the Democrat picket line against Fox News Channel this morning and appeared on Fox & Friends for the first time in the program’s 11-year history. Her appearance on Fox might have something to do with the polls, and might be a show of desperation in the face of the Obama surge. I’ll have a bit more of the interview edited to post here in a bit, but for now, here’s the Hillary cackle to end all Hillary cackles. Bill wishes, anyway.

Update: Here’s an edit of the interview. There is a second cackle, plus the odd line that if elected, Clinton will appoint qualified people to “some” government positions. But not all, I guess. Also, note the steel in her voice in the line “I will be president.” Resistance is futile.

Update: If I get a vote, the experiment in unveiling Clinton’s “likability” is a flop.

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, trying to warm up an image some voters perceive as cold, starts a drive Monday to showcase her personal side with testimonials from friends, associates and constituents she has helped.

The online and in-person campaign, complete with a website called, comes a day after Clinton won a key endorsement from The Des Moines Register and her chief rival in the Democratic nomination race, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, was endorsed by The Boston Globe.

Fundamentals here: If you have to get reporters to write stories about your “likability,” you’re not actually all that likable.

Update: Johnny Dollar has the entire Hillacackle interview posted here.