Video: No Monkey Business; Update: Fred scores again on AP questionnaire; Update: O'Reilly freezes Fred out

It’s Fred being Fred, talking about his flyswat at the Iowa debate moderator on Wednesday. This is the Fred that we all expected to see come out months ago, the one who chomped on a cigar while he mocked Michael Moore, and then fled from the face of the earth for months while his campaign imploded. Now we’re seeing him, punking the media, goofing on his rivals and being the devilishly entertaining communicator and idea-wonk that we hoped for. The question is, is it too late for Fred’s new moves to matter?

It just might be.


Update (AP): Mary Katharine sends this one along. Gold.

Update: Thanks to a commenter, take a look at this. A few weeks ago, Fred griped that Fox was trying to sink him. Well, here’s last night’s “Factor Primary” slate. Bill O wants his viewers to vote for their favorite Republican candidate. Notice anyone missing?

Even the Des Moines Register’s idiotic criteria would have to include Fred in this list. Nationally, most polls have him in at least 4th place. Rasmussen has Fred tied for 3rd in Iowa, and 4th in Florida (3 points up on McCain). But McCain makes the list and Fred doesn’t. Hm.