Kansas Attorney General resigns. Guess which party he belongs to! Updated

You’ll have to guess, because the Kansas City Star doesn’t tell you. At all. In a 10-paragraph story about his resignation.

Attorney General Paul Morrison will resign next month, he announced this afternoon.

Standing outside his office, Morrison said the scandal that began Sunday led many to stop believing in him. He said he was resigning, effective Jan. 31, to preserve the public confidence in the office of attorney general.

Calls for Morrison’s resignation built this week after news of his two-year affair with a former employee surfaced, along with allegations that he harassed the woman and tried to use her to meddle in the Johnson County District Attorney’s office, now headed by Phill Kline.

Read the whole thing. Do a word search on it. Finding the party of a politician resigning in disgrace shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt, but where one party is concerned it usually is.

Once you’ve satisfied yourself that his party affiliation isn’t anywhere in that story, go here to find out which party he’s from. I bet it took you one guess to get there without the link.

Update: Heh–

I called David Klepper [the KC Star reporter who wrote this story], identifying myself and the radio station [where he works], followed by an inquiry as to Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison’s party affiliation.

He paused and I could hear papers shuffling in the background as if he were LOOKING IT UP.

After the pause, he replied, “He is…a Democrat.”

I thanked him and hung up.

So yeah.

What would Professor David Hazinski have to say about all this?

Update: Fun fun. They added the party affiliation. A reader emailed them.

Dear David,

I think you mean that, unlike the original, the EDITED version of story mentions his party affiliation in the fourth paragraph….you know, the one that was RE-POSTED at 6:28 pm Dec 14.

Unfair of me to believe a political reporter for the KC Star would bring a political bias to a news report. I apologize.

Happy Winter Solstice Festival.


I bet the reporter remembers to get that party affiliation in there on the first draft next time. Eh, who am I kidding?