Good news: Iran test fires a 2,000 km range missile

Better news: They timed the test to coincide with the Annapolis summit. Bestest news: The range makes it capable of hitting just about any target they would be interested in “wiping off the map.”

Iran tested a newly-developed ballistic missile on the day of the Annapolis conference, Channel 10 reported Wednesday.

The Ashoura missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers and is capable of reaching Israel, US Army bases in the Middle East and eastern European cities, including Moscow, said the TV channel.

According to the report, the new missile is an improvement on the existing Shihab-3 missile. The Ashoura uses solid fuel instead of the Shihab’s liquid fuel, giving it a significantly faster launch sequence which is harder to detect.

I must have missed the warning about this development in the National Intelligence Estimate. Since the IC seems to know so much about Iran’s nuclear program and all, they just had to know about this. Right?