Trailer: Speed Racer

As good as the Prince Caspian trailer looks is as bad as the Speed Racer trailer looks. Ace gives this one a proper burial.

Good casting choice to put Christina Ricci in as Trixie. And that’s pretty much the only good choice they seem to have made.

I used to love the Speed Racer cartoon. I keep hoping some studio will come out with a great Speed Racer game. No, the 1998 PS 1 Speed Racer doesn’t count. It was terrible. Like this trailer, once you got past the opening it went sharply downhill. But a good Speed Racer game is still possible. There is a Speed Racer game coming out for the Wii, the DS and PS2, but, erm, it’s based on this awful movie. Oh well. One more for the cutout bin at CompUSA. Wait…

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice this, but Hollywood is becoming a crap factory. Or has become a crap factory. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 the other night after work (and therefore almost until dawn, since it’s nearly 3 hours long), the third in a series of films based on a theme park ride. The first one was pretty good. The second one was not as good. The third one. Oy. The giant whirlpool in the “maelstrom” scene isn’t the only thing that sucked mightily in that pile o garbage. That film tried to do so many amazing things that it ended up failing to do its most basic thing: entertain.

Enjoy your riches while they last, Hollywood. Keep pouring money into nonsense like Speed Racer and waste like the current crop of anti-war films that, combined, get beat in audience by a couple of YouTube videos.