Video: MSNBC's David Shuster smears evangelicals as hayseed torture fanatics

Thanks to our friends at NewsBusters for catching this one. It’s so far over the top in its slander of evangelical Christians that it must be viewed to be fully appreciated. Shuster reads a scathing NYT editorial about Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” speech and agrees with it. Things roll downhill from there.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: This is the same New York Times editorial page that ran columns after George W. Bush was elected in 2004 saying evangelicals were closer to Osama Bin Laden than our allies in Europe. That of course came from Garry Wills. Then Maureen Dowd said that evangelicals were going to take us back to the Dark Ages. I think there is some hostility, on the New York Times editorial page, toward evangelicals.

DAVID SHUSTER: They still get it right on occasion.

SCARBOROUGH: Once in a while, but Alabama beats Auburn once in a while, too.

SHUSTER: We all must believe in football, and I suppose if we all go to Pensacola [Joe’s hometown], we’ll have a sidetrip where we’ll go to a revival and then go to Guantanamo Bay and torture some people just for fun.

Shuster’s religious tolerance and fidelity to the facts speak for themselves. He’s a bigot. And so is Mika Brzezinski for chuckling along with him, agreeing, and piling on with the reference to legal counsel.

To think, this crew replaced Imus after his bigoted “nappy headed hos” flap. If anything, this gang is worse.