The first GOP presidential candidate to appear on The View will be...

Guy Fawkes:

ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf Reports: It was a big moment for Rep. Ron Paul, R-Tex, and his presidential candidacy when he appeared in late October on the Tonight Show, sandwiched between Tom Cruise and the Sex Pistols.

But Paul will take his libertarian-tinged Republican ethos in another direction Tuesday, when he marches straight into the henhouse.

He’ll appear opposite Whoopi, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Kate Walsh of Gray’s Anatomy and Private Practice fame, who co hosting in the absence of Elizabeth Hasselbeck on ABC’s woman-oriented chat show ‘The View’ Tuesday.

Its unlikely that the Texas OB-Gyn has ever himself seen The View. He doesn’t watch much TV and says he has never watched a reality TV show. Paul is more knowledgeable about the Austrian School of Economics and why the United Sates Treasury should not be printing money, odd topics about which to crow on The View.

Will this be the first time that Ron Paul makes more sense than anyone else on the stage? Probably. Can the Ronulans find a way to spam the show’s ratings? Again, probably. Does Paul being the first GOP candidate to appear on the View make all the other candidates look like cranks? Again, probably.