Video: Analyzing the new Osama bin Laden tape

Five tapes this year, and always carrying a Black Knight quality in which Weirdbeard threatens his enemies as their (meaning our, of course) progress continues. In this tape, he also once again claims responsibility for the 9-11 attacks. Look away, Truthers, nothing but more BushReich deception to see here.

Update (AP): If that’s not enough 9/11 truth for you, have a go at these clips of an old interview with Ramzi Binalshibh via SLC. When last we heard of Ramzi, he was sobbing after having been waterboarded. He had a bit more to say on this occasion.

Bryan thinks Osama’s holding a losing hand but I wonder after reading this if he doesn’t have an ace up his sleeve. Sounds like AQ psy ops to stir up mistrust in the Pakistani leadership. Let’s hope.