CBS wants a new enviro reporter: Knowledge of science not necessary

CBS admits that its reporters, even its science reporters, don’t actually have to know anything to do the job.

CBS is expanding its coverage of the environment. We seek a talented reporter/host for Internet video broadcast. We are looking for smart, creative, hard working up and comers, who can bring great energy, creativity and a dash of humor to our coverage. A deep interest in the environment and sustainability issues will serve you well.

“Interest” and knowledge aren’t the same thing, of course.

You are wicked smart, funny, irreverent and hip, oozing enthusiasm and creative energy. This position requires strong people, reporting, story telling and writing skills. Managing tight deadlines should be second nature. Knowledge of the enviro beat is a big plus, but not a requirement. [emphasis added]

Well, other than the “smart,” “funny,” and “hip” part, that could easily describe Carrot Top. None of it denotes actually knowing the topic.

Responsibilities include reporting and hosting two to three news packages per week plus daily writing for our blog. You should be comfortable using a video camera and the Internet. Be prepared to see America. Heavy domestic travel.

Well, it’s already been obvious that journalists reporting on the war don’t have to know the first thing about the military, so why should a journalist reporting on science have to know anything about science?

(h/t Inhofe EPW blog)