Teddy bear teacher convicted of blasphemy Update: Michelle discusses the case on FNC

Update: Michelle appeared on Fox News Live with E.D. Hill to discuss the case. To the commenter who asked about US aid to Sudan, yes, to the tune of $2.6 billion. I say that it’s time to cut ’em off.

Compared to what she could have been sentenced to, the ending will come off as a light punishment. But considering the fact that a) the entire case was absurd and b) the Sudanese government is itself engaged in a genocide, which is an actual crime and c) did I mention that the entire case was absurd?, we’re left looking at one more clue on the clash of civilizations.

A British teacher in Sudan was convicted Thursday of inciting religious hatred for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Muhammad, and she was sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation from the country, one of her lawyers said.

Gillian Gibbons was arrested Sunday after complaints to the Education Ministry that she had insulted Prophet Muhammad, the most revered figure in Islam, by applying his name to a toy animal.

The maximum penalty in the case, which has attracted worldwide attention, was 40 lashes and six months in prison.

“The judge found Gillian Gibbons guilty and sentenced her to 15 days jail and deportation,” said Ali Mohammed Hajab, a member of her defense team.

“Inciting religious hatred” for letting a 7-year-old name a teddy bear after himself. Absurd. She obviously couldn’t stay in Sudan after this; the government’s deportation order is a favor, of sorts. But the entire case was absurd (have I mentioned that yet?). Gibbons left the UK for Sudan to give something of herself to the less fortunate, and for that she faced the full wrath of sharia. The irony is that once she returns to the UK, she may find that she hasn’t escaped that wrath, since sharia has its adherents there. Radicals in Europe are no less a threat than the radical government in Sudan. Anyone who doubts this ought to ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who may have a new sister in permanent security captivity now.