The CNN/YouTube GOP debate questions

I made the mistake of wading through the questions for the Democrat debate, setting the precedent that I’m honoring today by wading through the questions for the Republicans. In this case, we already know that there is at least one good question that could get picked, but won’t. How about the rest?

Here’s one about “the real terrorist threat that we face.”

This Canadian comic threatens to launch “Judith” at us if we militarize space. Or something.

Somebody melt this guy already.

Hotness and border security. Hey CNN, pick them if you don’t pick us.

“Muslim-American” doesn’t exist in the dictionary either.

One man enters, one man leaves? This one is a gimme for Rudy.

I never realized that the Grim Reaper wore a wool blanket.

Take me to your leader.

One word: Gravitas.

After sifting through thousands of these things…not impressed. Lots of questions about gas prices, lots of conspiracy theories, lots of jabs about health care and lots of hits on Republicans on everything from gay marriage (which most Democrats don’t support) to blaming Bush for every single thing that has ever gone wrong.

Update: Yes, Red State Update did submit a question. Only, it’s more like a tirade.