Video: James Yee says Korans were desecrated at Gitmo

Thanks to MEMRI, we get to watch former US Army chaplain James Yee trash the United States and all of his fellow soldiers who served alongside him at Guantanamo. But pay close attention to whose word is supreme in Yee’s world. He ticks off accusation after accusation coming from the detainees and never ever countenances the possibility that they could be lying to him. He never so much as hints that they have been trained to smear their guards for propaganda purposes. He never acknowledges that there might be information that refutes what the prisoners have told him. He just passes off the terrorists’ propaganda as fact, and adds his own anti-American feelings to the brew.

America is full of racists and “Islamophobes” in Mr. Yee’s world, but those detainees at Gitmo are just as right as rain 24/7.

A real piece of work, James Yee. Click to play.


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