Video: John Bolton on the terror alert, the war and the race for the White House

Red meat or common sense — you make the call. John Bolton, former Undersecretary for Arms Control and former US ambassador to the UN appeared on Fox today to talk about the FBI’s holiday terror alert, the progress of the war in Iraq and the candidates for the presidency. Too bad John Bolton isn’t one of them.

I’ve been reading Bolton’s book, Surrender is not an Option, for the past week or two. It’s great, and surprising in parts. For instance, so far Colin Powell comes off sounding pretty strong on most issues while Condi Rice…doesn’t. Bolton himself comes off much the way he does in interviews, no-nonsense, straightforward, focused on keeping the country safe and getting the job done. With Nancy Pelosi introducing yet another surrender resolution, we could use Bolton’s strength and clarity now more than ever.

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