Sen. Dodd: Khalid Sheik Mohammed has taken the moral high ground from the US

In a saner time, the following remark would not only end Sen. Chris Dodd’s run for the White House. It would also end his career in the US Senate. It’s as reprehensible as the site he chose to post it on.

Compare that case [the Moussaoui trial] to the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who organized the attacks of 9/11. He was held in a secret prison, where he claims he was tortured severely. Whether he is lying or not, by our actions we have allowed Khalid Mohammed to claim the moral high ground. Khalid Mohammed plays martyr to a world that is inclined to believe it.

There’s no evidence that KSM was “tortured severely.” He was waterboarded, once, and he talked. Like all al Qaeda terrorists, KSM was trained to claim torture if he was captured. As a senator who wants to be president, Dodd ought to take that terrorist training into account when assessing a terrorist mastermind’s claims. Jihadists like KSM are liars as well as killers. But Dodd and indeed nearly all other Democrats just take the terrorists at their word no matter what outlandish slanders they come up with. And at the same time, they never believe a word that comes out of any Republican’s mouth. It’s disgraceful.

But even if we had stripped KSM naked and paraded him through downtown Karachi on sandals made of steak knives, Khalid Sheik Mohammed cannot claim any moral high ground from anyone. He masterminded Operation Bojinka, which was intended to kill hundreds of innocent people who were doing nothing more than flying on airplanes. And KSM masterminded 9-11, the wanton killing of nearly 3,000 innocents in an unprovoked act of war on our country. Based on his long career as a terrorist bent on killing as many kuffirs as he can, Khalid Sheik Mohammed can’t claim the moral high ground from the devil himself, much less the United States of America. KSM is filth in human form. And Dodd is taking his side.

I can’t even describe how sick I am of Democrats and liberals engaging in this kind of dishonest hyperbole just to score points with the nutroots. It’s psychotic, how far Dodd is willing to go in this quote and in the entire post to vent his disagreements with the administration’s conduct of the war. It’s also dangerous. Quotes such as Dodd’s hearten the enemy by showing them that we’re divided and at each other’s throats.

Until now, I’ve only heard one other person attempt to make the same argument that Dodd is making. That person would be Rosie O’Donnell, when she claimed that KSM wasn’t the “be all, end all of terrorism” and that we had robbed him of his humanity by waterboarding him. That presumes that KSM had any humanity to start with. Among the crimes KSM confessed to was the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. He bragged about killing Pearl because he was a Jew, and he bragged that he cut Pearl’s head off with his own hands. KSM savored Pearl’s dying screams.

So Chris Dodd has sunk to the rhetorical level of Rosie O’Donnell. He’s treating as credible the claims of a mass murderer who helped start a war. Chris Dodd isn’t fit to be president. He isn’t fit to be treated with any respect at all. He deserves censure.

(h/t Best of the Web Today)

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023