Rosie lied, her MSNBC show died

So says Roger Friedman.

Contrary to reports, there will be no Rosie O’Donnell show on MSNBC.

According to sources, Rosie and the struggling cable network have ended talks. They apparently could not reach an agreement on money or the length of a contract, with Rosie remaining steadfast in her desire not to commit to more than one year.

And don’t believe that it was because O’Donnell mentioned the negotiations last week in public that MSNBC scotched the deal. In the end, it was about money.

The network couldn’t afford to make a deal for Rosie just based on a nighttime show. It would have to have been tied into something else on daytime. The problem with that? O’Donnell doesn’t want to return to a grueling daytime schedule while her kids are in school.

Yesterday on her blog, Rosie wrote that the show fell apart because she blabbed about it too soon. Today’s news prompts this verse from me.

u lie
bye bye

On her blog today, she says Olbermann is the best news show on TV. In that sentence, news needs some massive scare quotes on it.

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