Tuesday stupid: The Colts are cheaters!!!11!

Here’s the echoing gun, or whatev.

I remember rumors that the Vikings were pumping in noise and even doing something weird with the goalposts in their dome back in the 1980s, but nothing ever came of that.

In the Indy case, it’s possible that they’re looping sound into the dome, but there are other ways to explain that noise. It sounds like feedback to me, which might be caused by a hot mic that’s either being used by the stadium or by the broadcast network. Absent some hard evidence, I can’t vote to convict the Colts of cheating on this one.

Update: Cuffy linked this story in comments:

A day after some unusual sounds were heard during the Colts-Patriots broadcast Sunday, the NFL issued a statement saying what sounded like simulated crowd noise was actually created by the CBS production crew, not the Colts.

“CBS has informed us that the unusual audio moment heard by fans during the Patriots-Colts game was the result of tape feedback in the CBS production truck and was isolated to the CBS broadcast,” the league said. “It was in no way related to any sound within the stadium and could not be heard in the stadium.”

Maybe the Patriots were trying to frame the Colts? Bwahahahaha!

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