Silky promises to heal the sick, end the war and walk on water

Well, to be accurate, he promised to heal the sick when he was John Kerry’s VP nominee. He already thinks he walks on water. As for the rest:

Like other Democrats, Edwards named his top three priorities as ending the war in Iraq, enacting universal health care and overhauling the American energy system. “Those are three things instantly I would do,” he said.

By “ending the war in Iraq,” he actually means pulling out all the troops, but leaving behind a “strike force” and enough troops to protect the embassy. That won’t end the war, it’ll just leave enough space for al Qaeda to reconstitute, for the militias to resume their sectarian cleansing and for the Iranians to move in. And it’ll leave a half-trained Iraqi military and a tottering Iraqi government to deal with all of that.

As for “overhauling the American energy system,” does that mean more domestic oil drilling? More refineries? Nuclear power? No, just biofuels, wind, solar and energy demagoguery along with mandates from Washington.

As for health policy? More dictates from Washington. More command and control from Washington (he’ll require people to buy insurance, for one thing). Less free market influence and solutions.

Color me unimpressed.

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