135-lb mayor puts burglar in a headlock

We haven’t had a true crime story in a few days. Here’s one from Ogden, Utah that involves a mayor who ran for office on a platform of fighting crime. He may be the only politician in America who takes his campaign promises literally.

Mayor Matthew Godfrey and his wife were awakened early Wednesday when somebody tried to break into their house through a side and then a rear door. Godfrey jumped out of bed, checked on his children and went outside.

“He was heading across the front lawn riding a bike of ours,” Godfrey said. “I ran him down and tackled him, wrestled him and put him in a headlock.”

He held the man down while his wife called 911.

Curtis Poorman, 20, was arrested for investigation of burglary, robbery, public intoxication, illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor, possession of marijuana — “we’ll stop there,” police Lt. Scott Sangberg said.

The mayor is “half the burglar’s size,” police Chief Jon Greiner said with a trace of exaggeration.

Godfrey, a long-distance runner, stands 5-foot-6 and weighs 135 pounds. Poorman, 20, weighs 163 pounds on a 5-foot-11 frame, jail records said.

Has the Rebecca Aguilar joke genre run its course yet? Er, probably. But what can one more hurt?

When she interviewed the mayor later, KDFW-TV reporter Rebecca Aguilar asked him “Are you a fitness freak? Is that what you wanted to do — humiliate a man twice your size by going all WWE on him?”

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David Strom 8:41 PM on March 20, 2023