Video: Shootout at the El Cheapo corral

It’s true crime day here at Hot Air. Earlier we brought up the case of the stalking reporter, now it’s the case of the off-duty police officer who ran off his would-be attacker. In both cases, the lawful possession and use of firearms saved innocent life. Here’s the story.

The Charleston County, South Carolina Solicitor says Omar Brown, an off-duty police officer and mayor candidate, acted appropriately during a gas-station shoot-out. Charleston County Solicitor Scarlett Wilson released 911 calls and the surveillance video Monday. She says the video plays a crucial role in her decision.

Wilson would not say how many shots were fired or who fired first, but she says it doesn’t matter because the video shows an officer taking action to protect himself. The images captured on the El Cheapo store surveillance camera look like a scene straight out of a movie. Yet, instead of an actor, you’re seeing off-duty cop and mayoral candidate Omar Brown. At least six people called 911 to report the shooting…

The video shows Officer Brown reach around Rivers as he was standing at the counter.

Brown grabbed his two snack cakes and a Pepsi, then walked out the door.

Yet, it’s that encounter that officials say started the shooting.

Wilson said, “It is so ridiculous. I think most of us had in our minds a shoulder to shoulder bump that can be kind of aggressive. You can barely see any sort of contact.”

The video then shows River leaving the counter and rushing to his car.

The solicitor reviewed the tape with News 2 and pointed out River’s arms. She said, “Notice how his arms are out and it appears his hands are empty.”

Wilson said Rivers went to his car to get a gun, then walked to Brown’s Mercedes with his right hand hidden behind his back.

That’s when the video shows Brown getting out of his car, firing his gun.

The video is here
. Make sure to watch through the whole thing, as the first part of the surveillance video looks bad if it’s removed from the context of the entire incident.

Chances are, Omar Brown will win his race for mayor.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023