Wayne State students and activists heckle Daniel Pipes

As if on cue from the discussion going on in the Tierney post, here’s a post about how Islam scholar Daniel Pipes was treated on the campus of Wayne State University Monday night. Prior to the speech, Pipes was defamed in flyers around campus as a racist.

There’s nothing about the WSU speech on his blog yet, but Anti-Racist blog captured video.

I’ll preface the video by noting that this isn’t the worst treatment of conservatives we’ve seen on university campuses. No pies were thrown and the stage wasn’t rushed, and Pipes finished his speech and the Q&A. But it is evident that some in the audience just couldn’t behave themselves, some insisted on being rude and drowning out his speech with noise, and one had to be escorted out. He’s the one responsible for the “Pipes is a racist” flyers, by the way.

Here’s that clip.

For the rest, head over to Anti-Racist blog.

This kind of thing never happens to, say, Michael Moore or other liberals when they speak on college campuses. I’m not saying that it should; it just shouldn’t happen to conservatives. But it does, and with increasing frequency it seems.