Shocka: Sen. Carl Levin only reads what Media Matters wants him to read

Regarding the Limbaugh brouhaha. CNS News interviewed Levin in the hallways of Congress today, and here’s what the Soros sock puppet senator had to say.

Levin: “I thought it was plural. Was he referring to a single person?” “He went on to talk about this Jesse Macbeth and mentioned other soldiers, other people similarly.”

Levin: “From what I know about it, I don’t have all the exact words, I don’t buy it. I think it was obviously broader than one soldier.” “Have you had a chance to see or read the entire transcript?”

Levin: “I’ve read a part of the transcript.” “Is it the part that Media Matters [for America] has put out, that perhaps Sen. Reid (D-Nev.) has been…”

Levin: “Yes. It looked to me like he was not referring to one specific [soldier].”

Click over to the CNS story to hear audio of the exchange. As for the singularity or plurality of the “phony soldier” line, of course it was plural. There have been more than one phony soldier touted by various elements of the left as authoritative critics of the war. Look it up, Senator.

CNS also interviewed Sens. John Warner (R-VA), Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Akaka (D-HI). All four of them evidently read and think outside Media Matters’ talking points. Though Nelson’s “unless it’s about me” is amusing in a Beltway kind of way.