Guy builds 21-foot long X-Wing that actually flies

Its maiden voyage is coming up, but it’s already the coolest model rocket ever.

The X-Wing model is huge. At 21 feet long and with a wingspan of over 19 feet it is, in fact, big enough to fly a kid in. However, knowing that it will be powered by solid-fuel rockets, they wouldn’t put a kid, dog, monkey or Gizmodo editor inside, even if it uses three full parachutes to land.

After drawing the plans using CAD software, Andy’s team and his friends at Polecat Aerospace used laser cutting to make the pieces out of Baltic Birch wood. They also used solid aluminum for some parts, like the rods which are the pivot point for the wings.

The foils actually open and close via radio remote.

It’s set to launch on Oct 10. You have no idea how badly I want to be there.