In an interview with Sean Hannity last night, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made evident the ridiculousness of recent comments from First Lady Michelle Obama to Gayle King.

In case you missed it, the FLOTUS told King that she thinks anyone who is disappointed in her husband’s presidency just doesn’t know what he’s accomplished. His detractors are confused, that’s all.

Yesterday evening, Hannity played the clip of Mrs. O’s remarks to Sarah Palin — and SP’s posture and expression after she watches that clip say it all. Michelle Obama is out of touch, and Palin knows it better than most.

Incidentally, I like Sarah Palin best when she fills this role, when she’s acting not like a media queen, but like an ordinary American taxpayer who is incensed at the irresponsible way in which the Obamas have spent our money. Theoretically, that’s who Sarah Palin always is — but she very, very clearly projects that image in this video.