Controversial conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe has pulled off a hit again. Yesterday, the sting operationist released video footage of New Hampshire poll workers handing out ballots in the names of deceased individuals — and folks sat up and took notice. The video was uploaded just yesterday, but already boasts 125,055 views.

Among those who noticed were members of the New Hampshire attorney general’s office. Now, the AG plans a probe of the “Live Free or Die” state’s voting procedures, according to The Daily Caller.

The attorney general in New Hampshire is probing the state’s voting procedures in response to a video released Wednesday by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe showing how easy it is to vote in the name of someone who is dead. …

O’Keefe told TheDC that the operation was done to bring attention to fraud since the state does not require identification to vote. Law enforcement seems to be watching.

“Based on the information we received on election day and the information obtained on the video, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of voting procedures with the Secretary of State’s office,” assistant New Hampshire attorney general Richard Head told TheDC by phone on Thursday.

The response of the New Hampshire attorney general’s office to O’Keefe’s investigative work is a tiny testament to the power of visual representation of a problem. As I read recently, “If you spend the time and resources necessary to truly understand and define the problem, then the solution will be staring you in the face.” In this case, O’Keefe and the other members of his organization, Project Veritas, spent the time and resources. Now, we’ll see whether New Hampshire law enforcement are able to see the obvious solution: Require identification at the polls.