As the Occupy Wall Street protests grow “increasingly debauched,” Tea Partiers in Tennessee remind us what a polite, impassioned and principled protest looks like:

Hundreds of Gibson Guitar supporters rallied for the legendary guitar factory at a dual demonstration-concert in Nashville, Tenn. Saturday, following a federal raid in August over the company’s importation practices.

The “We Stand With Gibson” rally drew about 500 attendees, including members of the Tea Party, according to the Tennessean. Some carried signs that read “Who’s next“ and ”When they come for you, who will be left to speak?”

Gibson supporters have railed against perceived government overreach, saying it’s putting a boot on the neck of business owners during tough economic times.

Just watch this video to further contrast the flavor:

Notably absent: Sex, drugs and unsanitary conditions. Notably present: United States flags, audio of the national anthem and a clean parking lot. It also makes sense that this protest both began and ended on a Saturday. Just sayin’.