Eric Schmidt says he wants more stimulus spending. A former Google executive, now voluntarily unemployed, asks Obama to raise his taxes. One more example of a Google bigwig using his prominence to prop up the president’s partisan proposals and I’d begin to wonder whether these Google employees even know how to conduct basic research. The slightest bit of study should give the lie to The One’s proposed policies, after all.

That’s why I was enormously refreshed when I happened upon this tidbit from Heritage Vice President of Communications, Mike Gonzalez.

“It pains me as a Republican to see a former employee asking for more taxes,” Google lobbyist Lee Dunn said today at The Heritage Bloggers Briefing, according to a tweet from Gonzalez.

Dunn also addressed the company’s painfully obvious need to connect with conservatives and Republicans.

“You can’t put all your eggs in one basket,” she said, promising the audience that the search engine giant is, indeed, “reaching out to Republicans.”

Dunn should know. A former top telecom aide to Sen. John McCain, she joined Google earlier this year to … lobby Senate Republicans.

P.S. It also just happens to be Google’s 13th birthday today! How did people find answers to their most pressing questions 14 years ago? I was just 10, so I don’t remember. (I’ll have to Google it.) And don’t you just love the search engine’s changing logo? Such a fun creative element!