Yell leader, people. Rick Perry was a yell leader — and, supposedly, that actually says something positive about his political skills. Honestly, I’m not sure what people hope to achieve with these banal repetitions that Perry was a cheerleader. The only thing I can think of is that detractors hope to insinuate the man’s effeminate — but, really, who’s going to go for that? In the below ad, the term “cheerleader” is used in a different context, but the connection is what it is.

And, yes, we all know Rick Perry was, once upon a time, a Democrat. But that won’t stop his competitors from touting that fact ’til the cows come home (or, for that matter, from touting his cowboy-ism, too — although, mercifully, this ad doesn’t repeat that meme). The latest ad from the Ron Paul campaign: