The United States is hoping the relationship between President Donald Trump and new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will end up being full of wine, roses, and good feelings. US Ambassador Woody Johnson told British media today he’s confident things will go alright. BBC has a write up of yesterday’s interviews.

Woody Johnson told Radio 4’s Today his job was to focus on the “things we agree on”.

“We’re going to have bumps in the road, no question, but we are two great countries,” he said.

“If we look forward optimistically between our two countries, we’re going to lift all the people in this country – to independence and all the things you voted for in the referendum.”

“I think that’s what the president wants and what your new prime minister wants too,” he added…

“The new relationship between your new prime minister and our president… it’s going to be sensational,” he said. “Their leadership has a lot in common. Both have their own style but similarities – a clear vision of what they want to accomplish.”

He said the UK would be at the “front of the line” for a trade deal once Brexit had happened and it was “not imperative” for the UK to leave the EU with an agreement to make progress.

“The president is going to try and move the ball forwards – the UK is our most important ally in security and prosperity. He knows that.”

It’s not surprising to see all the nice comments between two countries who have traditionally been allies over the course of history.

A part of the relationship will be determined on who exactly the new UK Ambassador to the United States will end up being after the situation involving Sir Kim Darroch (which really wasn’t that big of a deal since American ambassadors have probably made similar comments about other world leaders). Boris Johnson seemed to cozy up to Trump a bit by not saying if he’d keep Darroch on as ambassador during a debate earlier this month – although he also noted Darroch shouldn’t have been personally attacked by Trump.

The first big test will probably end up being whatever free trade agreement the US and UK end up trying to negotiate. It would be amazing if the two nations just said to businesses, “Do what you like,” without engaging in any sort of tariff or treaty negotiations. That would send a message to the world about the notion taxes on foreign good weren’t needed. Other countries might actually decide to go along with the idea, as well. Not that it’s going to happen because the government needs to get a piece of whatever pie is out there regardless of cost.

More of this will probably be figured out whenever Trump and Johnson hold their first meeting – via telephone or face-to-face. But Johnson will be busy handling European relations first. Via the BBC:

No 10 confirmed that Mr Johnson had spoken to the French President Emmanuel Macron over the phone on Thursday and they had discussed Brexit.

A German government spokesperson also said the PM had discussed Brexit with Chancellor Angela Merkel during a phone call on Friday.

“The chancellor has invited the prime minister to visit Berlin for an early first visit,” they added.

Gotta get Brexit figured out first, then go from there.