Scott Walker edges Ted Cruz and the rest of the pack for the second survey in a row, taking 31% of the vote. In fact, the ordering for 1st Choice is exactly the order from last month: Walker, Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Perry and Ben Carson. The 2nd choice ordering is also close to the same, with Carson, Bobby Jindal and Perry closely packed.


The race, in short, has remained stable from last month to this month. And the candidate acceptability question? Walker wins again, followed by Cruz, Jindal, Perry and Carson.


On the whole, Hot Air readers think the factions within the Republican Party have been pretty evenly matched this primary season and haven’t been so destructive as to, in the end, help the Democrats. Readers also see Obamacare implemented at the state level to be Obamacare. If this is any indication, Republicans seeking the party’s Presidential nomination should rethink creating Obamacare insurance exchanges and expanding their state’s Medicaid under the law.


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