More proof that the absolute best thing for the Hillary Clinton campaign is as little of Hillary Clinton as possible. Her press strategy isn’t brave or right, but it’s probably strategically correct. Even plopping her into a prewritten, planned, focus-grouped video is fraught with awful. As we’ve already seen, a press conference or short confrontation of any sort is much worse.

Her first campaign announcement video was going along swimmingly until she showed up in it. Oh, nice families, warm fuzzies, gardening, middle-class affinity— HILLARY CLINTON. “I’M GETTING READY TO DO SOMETHING, TOO.” Womp womp.

Today’s “Gender Card” video suffers the same fate— its concise and shop-worn but decently produced message of “War on Women, etc.” is sunk by the appearance of the droning voice and uninspiring visage of the candidate herself.

Beating a Hillary Clinton candidacy is going to be a challenge because of many built-in advantages— media bias, money, the allure of identity politics, electoral map realities. But what’s heartening about the presumptive Democratic nominee is how truly bad she is as a candidate. The woman has been speaking in public for 25 years, and she sounds like a cross between Siri and “1984’s” PA system. She will continue to be a drag on the tone of her own campaign, and she will eventually be forced to show her utter lack of charisma every single day.

At least the sad trombone of today is a step up from the freaky vuvuzela of yesterday’s Vine. Progress.