Things are just humming right along:

In what appears to be a significant October campaign shakeup, Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu is replacing her campaign manager and hiring her former chief of staff as a senior adviser.

The Democrat has pushed Adam Sullivan out of the manager role and replaced him with Ryan Berni, who ran her brother Mitch’s reelection campaign as New Orleans mayor. Berni is a former aide to Clintonista and Louisianan James Carville.

Polls show Landrieu falling short of the 50 percent she needs to avoid a December runoff, and Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy has a slight lead in head-to-head matchups.

Uh-huh, girl.

I am never an electoral optimist if it requires counting on the GOP not to mess up a pretty good scenario. That being said, much of the behavior from Democratic Senate candidates in these close races does not look like the behavior of winning campaigns. They’re overshooting on negativity, having to pull ads, stumbling through debates and easy questions, and pulling campaign shake-ups in October. The women rhetoric has become so strident it feels desperate, and it’s not working where it’s being used the most. If the battlefield, as Charlie Cook suggests, is Iowa, Alaska, and Colorado, you’ve got to believe Democrats are already in trouble. This behavior seems to confirm that.