Well, what else would we expect from MSNBC: The Place for Feminine Hygiene Jewelry than the most nuanced, astute commentary on gender politics? And, viewers know this segment will not disappoint from the first sentence: “You’re both women and I’m a male.”

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let’s go to the gender aspect of this — you’re both women and I’m a male. Let me ask this question. I’m wide open to this. Is this something that only men do? Is there any recorded history of women doing this kind of tweeting, naked tweeting, digital streaking? That’s what I call it. Does anybody on your side of the gender argument? And it is an argument.

Well, I can think of at least a couple women for whom we have recorded evidence of sexting, right? I mean, we’re not sure how many women, but there are at least two if you count one online paramour per Weiner press conference, which is way too modest a metric even for just this one man’s partners in sext. Now, I suppose he maybe means, “Is there any recorded history of women in positions of power or elected office doing this kind of tweeting, naked tweeting, digital streaking so compulsively as to have been brought down by it in two separate national scandals?” In general, the number of women who end up in political trouble for straying from a marriage or harassing male colleagues is pretty darn low, so that’d be a fairer question, but are we sure that’s what he means? We can never really be sure, and that feels way too generous of me.

His guests, whom he hastened to tell us are women, inform him, “Of course they do it.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, general in the brave forces against the War on Women, has stepped up her criticism of the various sexual deviants, liars, and admitted harassers who served loyally by her side in the House, to a new level: Curt Recommendation for Therapy. That’ll show ’em. She adds as an afterthought— and, you can see her do the calculation that she might need to be more forceful— “Let me be very clear. The conduct of some of these people that we are talking about here is reprehensible. It is so disrespectful of women.”

Whatever happened to “I’m not here to make any judgments?” This video also features a dig at the reporter, as a “social issues guy,” along with an assertion that she is a legislator and—what?—should therefore not have to comment on such things? Right, that’s always been the standard when Republicans stumble over social issues statements. Also, the reporter was Luke Russert, so I’m not sure what the jab is about. Maybe she got her brown-haired white guys who ask her tough questions mixed up and thought she was talking to John McCormack. That’s sexist, Nancy!

Hey, how can she be expected to keep track? The reliable San Francisco liberal was busy…saving the NSA domestic surveillance program? Way to turn on, tune in, drop out.

And, for the record: OB tampon earrings? Weak. Awfully conveniently and unobtrusively earring-shaped for a social statement, if you ask me. I say full-coverage pad with wings or nothing at all!