The death Wednesday of iconic talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh brought out some ugly online trolls seemingly pleased with the passing of the 70-year-old conservative from lung cancer.

But in Florida, where the Missouri native has lived and worked for decades in Palm Beach, it brought out an unusual honor.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has ordered state flags on public buildings across the third most populous state to be lowered to half-staff as soon as the broadcaster’s funeral plans are announced. No doubt that will rile up some of the same Limbaugh-hating crowd.

Former President Donald Trump and his wife now reside in Florida, a state that in November gave the incumbent its 29 electoral votes by three points, a larger margin than in 2016.

The Republican governor explained:

Rush busted through a media landscape in which a handful of media outlets served up pre-cooked, liberal narratives. Rush is the (greatest of all time) — of radio, of conservative media and of inspiring a loyal army of American patriots.

DeSantis made the announcement Friday at a political rally in West Palm Beach. “What we do when there’s things of this magnitude,” DeSantis said, “once the date of interment for Rush is announced, we’re going to be lowering the flags to half-staff.”

According to Florida’s official flag protocol, the state flag may be lowered upon the passing of a governor, current or former, an active-duty service member, a law enforcement officer on duty or some prominent state official. Individual citizens may also petition for the honor.

“DeSantis’ decision to honor (Limbaugh) is an embarrassment to Florida,” opined Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

But the same governor made the same respectful, flag-lowering decision in September for the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg and again in January to mark the death of a Capitol Hill police officer.

Thursday on Fox News, DeSantis detailed his feelings about Limbaugh.

He obviously was a legend in his field, really incomparable. He had me on when I was running for governor and I was getting the tar kicked out of me every day …We are going to miss him dearly.