Christmas has arrived a bit early for Stephen Colbert. As much of America adjusts to colder temperatures moving in, Stephen Colbert is all fired up. For the likes of Colbert, ushering in the holiday season includes celebrating Impeachment Eve.

Colbert has been wishing for this day for a very long time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that “The Late Show” host has dreamed of the day that impeachment inquiry hearings begin since the day President Trump was inaugurated. To kick off the official Trump impeachment holiday season, Colbert celebrated Impeachment Eve on his show Tuesday night. Naturally, an impeachment tree was wheeled out and Colbert pointed out some of the decorations.

“It’s got all the traditional ornaments,” Colbert said. They included:
A star made from “the transcript of Trump’s ‘perfect’ phone call.”
A snowflake ornament called “quid pro snow.”
Pictures of other presidents who have been impeached.
What he called “my favorite. It’s Lindsey Graham’s balls,” which turned out to be a, uh, bronzed testicular-looking ornament. “He’s not using them these days,” Colbert quipped.

Colbert even worked in a slap to FOX News.

Giddy with delight, Colbert said he is so excited that he can’t sleep – just like every other night of the Trump administration. Maybe sleep deprivation can explain some of the deranged conversations that come from Colbert and his guests when the subject of President Trump comes up.

The public impeachment inquiry hearings are expected to be broadcast gold, even the BBC is carrying them live. BBC is using the live coverage as a substitute for the normally scheduled Parliament coverage, as Parliament has been dissolved. C-SPAN will provide gavel-to-gavel coverage, for which they are known. Cable networks are covering the hearings and the alphabet broadcast networks are pre-empting regular daytime programming – no daytime talk shows, game shows, or soap operas for the at-home folks. PBS is carrying live coverage (sorry, Sesame Street kids) and will rebroadcast the hearings in primetime on the WORLD Channel. You may remember former host Bill Moyer wanted PBS to rebroadcast the hearings in primetime so a wider audience could watch. In other words, you have no one but yourself to blame if you don’t watch. It’s everywhere.

The hearings are expected to bring a high amount of viewership, so all of the networks and cable channels are hoping to score big ratings. There is no getting around the circus-like atmosphere. If, like me, you intend to watch, get comfortable. We’re going to be here a while. I remember the Nixon impeachment hearings, back in the day. Times are different and this process has been different than that of Nixon’s. Time to pop the popcorn.

Impeachmentmas is upon us.