For Democrats running in the 2020 presidential primary, the last thing any of them wants to be called by another candidate’s surrogate is a former member of the Republican Party. Actress and longtime political activist Susan Sarandon did just that, though, as she introduced Senator Bernie Sanders to a crowd of Iowans Monday.

At an ice cream social for Bernie, Sarandon was tasked with introducing the candidate to the crowd as Sanders approached the stage to speak. Besides claiming that Bernie takes no money from Wall Street, she said, “He is not someone who used to be a Republican.” To be clear, Senator Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate in the Democrat presidential primary who used to be a Republican. She changed party affiliation in 1996.

“When people know and when they hear the senator’s policies, when they see his track record, when they know how authentic he is and how he has been fighting for these issues for so long, he is the only one who has that reputation,” Sarandon said from the stage. “He is not someone who used to be a Republican. He is not someone who used to take money—or still takes money—from Wall Street. He is the real deal.”

Welp. So much for that promise not to attack Elizabeth Warren made just three weeks ago. The “non-aggression pact” between the two is due to their long friendship and Sanders doesn’t consider it good politics. Both are running in the lane that is farthest to the left. During the last Democrat debate, the two mostly ignored each other. Apparently, this pact doesn’t include surrogates on the campaign trail.

Once reports of Sarandon’s introduction reached social media, Democrats voiced their disgust with her swipe at Warren. A lot of ill will is still felt against the actress from the 2016 Democrat primary when Sarandon refused to get on board with Hillary after the DNC convention. Instead, Sarandon threw her support to third party candidate Jill Stein.

Warren is taking support from Sanders, according to the latest polls. She is now the number two candidate in Real Clear Politics average ranking, knocking Sanders to the third spot. Warren may have called herself a Republican up until 1996 but now she has a plan for the government to take over every aspect of American life as we know it.

Sarandon’s slam against Warren didn’t include actually naming her. That’s a rather cowardly move from someone who prides herself as an old hippie-dippy style of an activist. She could hit the campaign trail with the Ben and Jerry guys and corner the market of aging baby boomers longing for the days of Woodstock.

As Warren continues to be elevated as a real alternative to Biden in 2020, as she has been in recent days in the media, look for the long knives to emerge from other candidates, too. And pass the popcorn.