Marianne Williamson has earned her place on the debate stage with all the other candidates running for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination. She has met the DNC’s requirements. She went above and beyond to prove her worthiness, though when she gave the perfect response to an arrogant television show host’s demand that she drop out of the race.

Samantha Bee, host of Full Frontal on TBS, is ready for Marianne to drop out of the primary race. She issued an invitation to Williamson to come on her show and make such an announcement. Bee did it in a particularly snarky way by taking a jab at Williamson’s voice, of all things. “We have tea, throat lozenges, agave and whatever else you use to make your voice sound so angelic.” With a nod to Williamson’s New Age beliefs, Bee said she’ll even let Williamson read her aura.

Samantha Bee is just an aging mean girl from everyone’s high school days. She attempts to disguise her contempt for anyone with whom she disagrees politically by packaging her opinions as jokes. Political humor can be very entertaining but her brand is not. Her humor aims to mock and criticize with personal attacks.

Marianne Williamson is a clever woman. No one should mistake her soft-spoken manner for weakness. Not only did she rise to the occasion and post a perfect response on Instagram, but she did so by delivering an extra jab of her own.

The extra jab is that she went on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night show instead of Bee’s, and responded in that show’s green room. “Send good vibes please!”

The responses to Bee’s video are funnier than Bee’s invitation to Williamson. The best responses were based in facts – like the fact that Williamson is polling higher than some of the others in the race.

Yes. It’s the entertainment factor for me, too. Marianne Williamson is a throwback to the 1990s and Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. In 1992, Winfrey featured Williamson and her first book on her talk show and it launched Williamson’s career as a New Age guru on a national level. As flaky as she sounds, she has done some substantive work to help those less fortunate. She founded the Project Angel Food program, for example, in Los Angeles which delivers food to homebound people due to illness.

I want Marianne Williamson to remain in the Democrat primary and in the debates for as long as possible. She is fun to listen to and a welcome relief from the rest of the field. She has nothing to lose and is going for it. We can all use a chuckle these days.

It should be noted that Samantha Bee also did a video to try to get Seth Moulton to drop out on her show before the video to Williamson. Moulton hasn’t qualified for the debate this week so she’s offering him a chance to be on television anyway. “You can finally make the news on debate night. And you don’t even need to pretend to speak Spanish!”